Dungeon Architect for Unreal Engine 2.32 Help

Launch Pad Window

Use the Launch Pad window to setup new dungeon levels, browse the samples, clone from templates and much more

Open Launch Pad

Click the DA button from the main toolbar. This will open the Launch Pad window

Tool button to open Lauch Pad window

With the Launch Pad, you can do the following:

  • Browse the various samples scenes

  • Create new scenes with preconfigured builder templates

  • Clone Flow Graphs from existing templates

  • Clone Theme files from existing templates

  • Access the various documentation and support channels

Lauch Pad window

Select the various sections from the left.

C 03

Use the navigation bar on the top to go back to a previous page. This is useful for retaining the scroll positions of the previous page (especially for larger pages like the Samples section)

Navigation bar


Browse the various samples that come bundled with Dungeon Architect

C 02

There are tons of samples to explore. Select a sample for more details

C 05

You can perform various actions on each sample

Clone Scene

C 06a

Clone this scene and all the relevant assets (referenced themes, flow graphs etc) into the selected directory. This lets you freely explore and modify the cloned sample map

Install Dependency

C 06c

Some samples require an external asset from the marketplace (usually free ones like infinity blade assets). This button takes you there so you can install them in your project

Watch Video

C 06b

Watch a video, if it exists

Builder Templates

Dungeon Architect supports many different types of dungeon layout methods and is designed in a way that new layout methods can be easily added in the future

These layout methods are called Dungeon Builders or Builders in short

Dungeon Architect - List of Builders

This section lets you create a new scene preconfigured with one of the builder templates. Click on any of the builders to see more info.

C 08

Click the Clone Scene button to create a new scene preconfigured with this dungeon builder and sample themes to go with it (and any other flow graph assets if needed)

Flow Graph Templates

Flow graphs allow you to control the flow of your dungeon (more on this in the later tutorial sections). This section contains a list of flow graph templates you can use as a starting point for your project

C 09
C 10

Clone the flow graph asset to use as your starting point

Theme Templates

Clone one of the many themes and use it in your project or as a starting point for a new theme

Theme template browser

Select a theme and clone it

C 12
C 13


Links to various online documentation, including this one

C 14


Reach the developers through any one of these channels. Interact with the community and the devs in Discord chat and forums or reach directly through email

C 15


Dungeon Architect News! Find out whats new since the last update

Last modified: 28 May 2024