Dungeon Architect for Unreal Engine 2.32 Help


Continuing on the map created in the section Design your First Theme, open the map and select the Dungeon actor and inspect the properties

F 02
  • Change the Seed parameter to build a different dungeon layout

  • Set the Grid Cell Size parameter according to your moduler art asset. If the ground mesh is 400x400 and the stair mesh height is 200, set this to (400, 400, 200)

  • The dungeon creation method first creates a number of cells (defined by NumCells) and spreads them across the scene.

  • The size of these cells is define by the parameters Min Cell Size and Max Cell Size

  • Some of these cells will be promoted to Rooms and the rest will be promoted to Corridors. If the cell area is large enough (parameter Room Area Threshold), that cell is promoted to a Room, otherwise a Corridor

  • The rooms are connected together with corridors

  • Control how much height variation is allowed with Height Variation Probability

  • A new Stair will not be created between two tiles if there's another stair nearby that if traversed, takes N steps to reach this cell. This value is controlled by Stair Connection Tollerance. Bump this number up if you want fewer stairs

  • Maximum allowed stair: Determine how high a stair tile can get. If set to one, the builder will create stairs that go only one level up

  • Both Rooms and Corridors have a Ground marker. Rooms are surrounded by Wall markers while the corridors are surrounded by Fence marker

Last modified: 28 May 2024