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Grid Flow Editor

Let's open the GridFlow asset in the editor:

Navigate to Dungeon Architect Content > Builders > GridFlowContent > FlowGraph and double click on DefaultGridFlow

This will open the Grid Flow Editor

Grid Flow Editor

Click the Build button toolbar to build the graph

Keep hitting build to get a new dungeon

Explore Grid Flow Graph

After you've built a dungeon in the editor (by hitting the Build button on the toolbar), you can select each node in the execution graph and see how the dungeon layout was built, as shown in the lower preview panels

Select an execution graph node to preview the build process

Editor Panels

The Grid Flow Editor has the following panels

Execution Graph Panel

This is where you design the flow of your dungeon. All other panels are for previewing the result of this panel

Layout Graph Panel

The initial level is designed in a higher level layout graph

Tilemap Panel

The result of the layout graph is eventually transferred over to a tilemap. The resulting tilemap is previewed here

Preview Viewport Panel

The 3D representation of the final Dungeon