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Event Listeners

Event listeners are blueprints that get notified on various dungeon events. These are great for pre / post initializations


Create a Event listener blueprint by choosing DungeonEventListener as the base class

Event Listener

Override any of the function events to get notified. This function will be called by Dungeon Architect if your blueprint is registered with the Dungeon actor

Event Listener


You need to register this blueprint with the dungeon actor to get its event notifications

Select the Dungeon Actor and Navigate to the Advanced category in the Details tab and choose your blueprint class

Event Listener

Event Callbacks

Your blueprint can hook into various events of the dungeon build / destroy phase

On Pre Dungeon Build

This is called before the dungeon is built

On Dungeon Layout Built

This is called after the dungeon layout is built in memory. At this stage, no markers are emitted on the scene and nothing is spawned. However, the layout is available in the dungeon model if you'd like to view or modify it

On Markers Emitted

This event is called after all the markers are emitted in the scene. This event is also called right before the Theming engine is executed. So this event gives you an oppertunity to modify the low markers themselves

This could be useful for automatically clamping dungeon items on a landscape or to apply some filter on the markers like the one shown below (see quick start guide for an example)

Event Listener

On Post Dungeon Build

This is called after the dungeon is fully built

On Pre Dungeon Destroy

This is called right before the dungeon is about to be destroyed

On Dungeon Destroyed

This is called after the dungeon is fully destroyed