Dungeon Architect for Unity 1.20 Help

Create your first Dungeon

Install Dungeon Architect

Install and import Dungeon Architect from the Asset Store. You should see the following folders:

Ut 01 da folders

Setup Dungeon Prefab

Create a new Scene

Navigate to CodeRespawn > DungeonArchitect > Prefabs and drop in the DungeonGrid prefab on to the scene

Ut 01 drop grid prefab

Select the dungeon game object and inspect the properties. We'll need to assign a new theme before we can build the dungeon

Ut 01 select dungeon go
Ut 01 da dungeon prop

Assign Theme

Assign an existing theme to the dungeon actor

  • Navigate to Assets\DungeonArchitect_Samples\Demo_Theme_Candy\Themes

  • Assign theme file named CandyDungeonTheme as shown in the image below

Ut 01 dungeon assign theme

Build Dungeon

Select the DungeonGrid game object and click the Build Dungeon button in the Inspector window

Ut 01 build dungeon
Ut 01 candy dungeon

Randomize Dungeon

Select the DungeonGrid game object and change the Seed value in the configuration. Changing this value will create a dungeon with a different layout

Ut 01 rand dungeon

Click Build Dungeon button to rebuild the dungeon with the new seed


All the dungeon objects are created on the root hierarchy and makes it difficult to organize. We'll configure it so all objects are spawned under a certain game object

Ut 01 org01

Lets destroy this current dungeon, configure it for better organization and then rebuild

Destroy Existing Dungeon

Search for dungeon on the hierarchy search box

Ut 01 org02

Select the DungeonGrid game object and click the Destroy Dungeon button

Clear out the search text box in the hierarchy. Your hierarchy should now look like this

Ut 01 org04

Configure Parent Object

Create an empty Game Object. All our dungeon items will go inside this parent object

Create an empty game object

Rename the parent object (e.g. Dungeon Items)

Ut 01 org05

Select the parent object and Reset the transform

Ut 01 org06
Ut 01 org07

Select the parent object and set it to static

Ut 01 org08

Assign the parent object to the GridDungeon game object

Ut 01 org09

Rebuild Dungeon

Select the GridDungeon game object and click Build Dungeon

All your dungeon game objects will be organized under the parent object

Ut 01 org10
Last modified: 24 January 2024